Fred’s CV

Fred Harden

Background: I graduated from the Advertising and Illustrative Photography course at RMIT University majoring in photo-journalism. I started work as a photographer in the late 1970’s, then got seduced into advertising as a television producer at Clemenger Melbourne. In my spare time, I became the Technical Editor and industry writer for Cinema Papers magazine for twelve years. I’ve worked in production on TV series and features, special effects and computer video graphics. I swapped writing for Cinema Papers to become Editor of Australian MultiMedia Magazine for a small Melbourne publisher. After two issues it was bought by Murdoch Magazines who moved me and the editorial team to Sydney. It was clearly ahead of its time, and inevitably closed, but I stayed on as Murdoch Magazines web consultant.  I moved with my wife Jan and our family to Bungendore when she took the position of Creative Director at Grey Canberra.

April 1996  We moved to Canberra (Bungendore, just outside the ACT). I started a web company called Digital Mechanics with a Sydney partner Doug Bailey, doing corporate web sites for P&O and Medibank Private. I was also writing regular, mostly new technology material, for The Weekend Australian, for Cinema Papers and others.

1998 – 2002 Started Grey Interactive Canberra. This grew to managing twelve full time staff, doing internet and intranet work for Government agencies, local business and ACT government. I then worked for two years as Project Manager to rebuild P&O Cruises international website as a multimedia and database driven e-commerce site.

2002 – 2004 I was asked back to Grey Interactive to help ‘re-organise’ for three months, which became two years as their manager and Executive Producer.

July 2004 – Feb 2005 We produced two issues of a magazine about food and travel called Regional Food Australia. It was then sold to a Sydney publisher.

May 2005 – June 2007 I went off and worked for the National Food Industry Strategy Ltd. I worked as a communications officer, as writer for their industry magazine, and as web master for the NFIS websites. I helped organize a two day regional food conference in Melbourne, with local producers and food groups like Food SA. I wrote and photographed their Export to India and Export to Dubai web sites. I assembled the NFIS legacy website of interactive material for small food producers.

June –August 2007 On a short contract with the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry to transfer the NFIS image libraries and documents material to their database system.

In December 2007 we bought the Regional Food Magazine publication back, I went back to write, photograph and edit another issue of and work on a new Regional Food website, The print magazine was re-launched in March 2008.

2008-2009 Working on freelance food writing for Sydney Morning Herald, on photojournalist commissions, in web creation and making sponsored videos. In June 2009 I started the Capital Country Truffle Festival with local truffle grower Wayne Haslam.

2010 April -June Traveled to UK and USA for a documentary project on involving young people in small scale agriculture, called Growing the Growers. It has been optioned by Ronin Films for non-theatrical release.

July-August 2010 was spent again organizing the second year of the Truffle Festival which is growing each year. Received Event Assistance funding from the ACT government.

October – December 2010 created pilots for a Regional Food TV series working with regional chefs and winemakers.

2011 – Current

The ACT Event Funding allowed the Truffle Festival to grow significantly in 2011 and 2012, with advertising campaigns in the Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times bringing visitors to the region’s restaurants and accommodation. It became an almost full time job to run. There’s been so much extra work generated that we now have a full-time manager for 2013. It looks like this has become a major feature of the Capital Region seasonal event calendar and I’m proud of that.

That has let me ‘escape’  so I am back looking for (preferably food related) project work, which uses my skills as a researcher, editor, writer, multimedia author, web site content creator, event and project manager. Give me a call.