About us

Who are ‘we’?

Jan O’Connell and Fred Harden are partners in the business, and we’re also married (as in, to each other). We also have a number of freelancers we work with closely to fill in the bits we can’t do. If you’re really interested in all the details of our varied backgrounds there are some CV’s.
Here’s Jan’s CV, and here’s Fred’s ‘formal’ one.

What do we do?

This is what we do, and what we can do for you. Our ‘Our Work’ section has samples of the following:

Websites – content and creation
Social media content
PR and advertising
Writing, copywriting and feature writing especially about food.
Video production

What’s a <thinktag>?

We always believed that there had to be a content tag that was an antidote to the waffle the internet generates, something that made people actually <think>. The idea stuck and our company name <thinktag> is the result.