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"If you're reading this, it's a sure bet that you are a digital mechanic. One of the digerati whose creative work has been changed by the computer and you love it. You're almost certainly working towards the multimedia future in film, video, sound, CD-ROM or the Web, if not all of them at once. Convergence is just another word that your spell checker slides smartly over as you prepare your latest business proposal or funding submission."

With that intro, I moved from doing Australian Multimedia Online to a brief couple of  months doing what I hoped would be a regular online newsletter. The usual constraints of time, over stretching the content and having to concentrate on real paid work meant that it soon ended. I've left the content here as a snapshot of 1997 web work. Almost none of the links work other than internal ones but you didn't expect that anyway did you?

The company that gave the newsletter its name is still in business and doing good web stuff

Fred Harden

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