A personal diary about life in a country town, Bungendore NSW Australia

A Country Diary Archive
Life in Bungendore NSW. Australia.

After a year of entries, documenting each week, I decided to go for larger images and longer pieces instead of daily entries. It starts in 2002 and finishes with the February-March 2006 entry below.

Previously, after about a week of entries, the diary went into this archive. Now it's a little more random and some entries go straight to this menu because they're written retrospectively. The image and page links are checked, external ones can change, please tell me if they do.
February -March '06 - (You can tell I was distracted, two months in one) you get to see the street busking at another Bungendore Country Muster, we welcomed in the Year of the Dog in Sydney, and applauded as Peter Garrett launched another Werriwa Arts Festival. Shortis and Simpson and assembled choirs performed at the Canberra War Memorial.
29 - 30 January '06 - It's Bungendore Show time again. Local faces, lots of horses, produce, hats and livestock. Another good day, and the usual story-telling photographs. Lots of them.
1 - 28 January '06 - Hot days, cool nights, soft rain. Garden bugs, stone fruits, Plough Monday and a Straw Bear. Grazing's veggie garden, a slide through Marulan, Pebbles the cat suffers because she sleeps in the sun. There's non-artichokes, garden spiders and a long piece on Shirley Jacobs - an Australian folk singer I knew years ago. Finished off with lots of garden veggies and a starling 'poem'.
28 November - 31 December '05 - A gum blossoms by the highway for Christmas, there's rain on the climbing roses, travels to Melbourne and Sydney for Christmas parties, but Christmas for the family is in Canberra this year. St John's Wort, dogs get walked in evening cool, New Year's Eve in Bungendore starts with a meal at Hunnyz.
And once we were hippies.
2 - 28 November '05 - Bungendore Police station gets a new verandah, a tree topped hill, a roundabout awakening, and lots of rain and grass growing so we're making hay. Shortis, Simpson and Casey cheer us up, as does a Bardy's visit but Simon Fairweather's feeling antsy. The Old Stone House B&B is definitely open for business, and now have a website. Roses in the gloom and Navajo rugs.
8 October -1 November '05 - Stormy clouds make for a hyperactive photographer, leeches in the pond keep me out of it, the roadside blossom, there's a few pigeons, banksia roses, kids on buses, we make it to Adelaide for Tasting Australia, and to Flavours for a tasting night.
26 September - 8 October '05 -Spring and rain means things grow, the chestnut tree's distinctive spikes, blossoms falling in the pond get eaten by goldfish, we envision a better Bungendore, and drink more Braidwood ale.
10 - 23 September '05 -Spring and I've sprung so there's a lot of travelling observations, Queanbeyan Masonic Hall, Kate's horse and Captain's Flat roads, classic cars, lawns being mowed, blossom swept, AGM's held in the sun and the wattle is fading fast.
28 - 29 August '05 -A trip to Albury for the National Farmers' Markets conference, interesting in itself but on the morning after as I was supposed to head home, I took a detour via the place I grew up, Jingellic and Walwa on opposite sides of the Murray River. Beautiful.
1 July '05 - 13 August '05 -There was a fire at the tip lighting up the night, it snowed, it frosted and a duck quacked down the chimney. Lambs are being born, lakes filled, magazines published, vandals are running amok and it is really raining. Just a regular diary entry really.
8 May '05 - 1 June '05 -Last of the garden veggies, flowering quinces make a strange marmalade, King Island, Kate and her horse, picking the last grapes at Madew winery (look a fox!), chattering lasses, and lamenting an appalling paint job for the Odana Gallery in Bungendore.
29 April '05 - 8 May '05 -The Collector Pumpkin Festival was again a success, this time we went to the Ball (in a car). Tasting Dragon fruit,  autumn Bungendore walks, new signage, late sunlight and butterflies.
April '05 - There's a bit more substance here, cedar pollen, a visit to Sydney Produce markets at 4.am, more fatherly pride in a photographer daughter, the Trezise tradition of Cornish pasties, parrots in the cosmos, Melbourne graffiti and the end of the world (impending).
March '05 - Holbrook, travelling the Hume. Lunches, vineyards, the pumpkin and flying spiders. Bit pathetic really but I tell you why.
February '05 - Playing catchup with the diary, this is what you get - gondolas, grapes, clouds, King Island yoghurt and the official opening of the Royal Hotel's new bar and Harvest restaurant. Oh and biker dogs.
25 January - 30 January '05 - An apology of sorts to those of you checking in, Tarago cemetery in the late afternoon light, and the 2005 Bungendore Agricultural Show. Lots of pictures, let it load.
15 January - 24 January '05 - Away to a  nautical wedding, the garden grows just fine alone and dried zucchini chips are a crunchy success. There's roses, Royal's (the Hotel) and some strange leaf like moths.
1 January - 12 January '05 - New Year's Eve in a small city with big fireworks, the rest of the Koel family arrives, grasshoppers and locusts, tomatoes in a pot, the start of a Metal fence vs. Wood campaign, Kate goes to Costa Rica and what do you do for 'truffle mouth'?
21 December - 28 December '04 - How does our garden grow? Fast. There's birds sharp and blurred as a koel calls, and calls. The DM lunch, landscapes in the mist, berries fill the bowls, and how we do Christmas at our house. Bright lights. Someone bollocks the Bungendore yellow bollards, sour cherries for jam, and Max cops an earful.
30 November - 21 December '04 - The garden grows, traffic jams up, Elizabeth Rogers leaves Canberra and cherries split. The Masters of Fare exhibition and singing at Old Parliament House, Kate graduates so roses and pomegranates bloom, there are moths and billycarts.
23 November - 24 November '04 - Time for a break. A short trip to Young and lunch at Zouch, dinner at Selkirks Restaurant in Orange, side visits to small towns like Millthorpe, Koorawatha, Canowindra, the Cowra Japanese Gardens disappoint but the Smokehouse doesn't
3 November - 19 November '04 - A visit to the strangely deserted  Melbourne Docklands, the busy Bungendore Primary School Spring Fair, snails come to visit, there's rain and metal fences, oriental poppies, an echidna, and it's time for cherries with a roadside stall in town.
28 October - 1 November '04 - The local Bank initiative, Halloween in Bungendore, Painting fences -Tom Sawyer where are you? Blue wrens, currants, the sage flowers, more clematis on the fence, and it's asparagus time.
10 October - 26 October '04 - Rain! Bringing puddles and garden raindrop photo's of course. There's some thoughts on the Bungendore boys at play and what happens as they grow up. And the Collector pumpkin festival kicks off with planning breakfast and babies.
2 October - 10 October '04 - A visit to Simone's Restaurant in Bright, Vic.. We vote but it doesn't do anything to change things. I become a swamp creature and wonder at the sedge seeds that cover my socks, oh, and there's more back lane encounters. Riveting stuff really.
8 September - 30 September '04 - Catching up with friends at the Food Media Awards. There's a weed identification (Cleavers), obsessive amounts of spring blossom - fruit trees, some gums, a hellebore and I toss in Jan's Telstra Business Women's Award nomination.
8 August - 21 August '04 - A backtrack of a few days to The Last MM Party, (that's Murdoch Magazines), running with dogs and walking them, a new business sets up in town, the 'greenhouse' offers up some salad greens, and there's a 'stuffed' possum. 
31 July - 14 August '04 - Here's Bungendore's other church, St.Mary's with a country wedding, a 'bikie' come to visit, and Mark Lloyd of Coriole was in town with their wine, olives, olive oil and cheeses and I was hooked by Lallah Rookh.
30 July '04 - I've photographed the exterior of St. Phillips lots of times (the big elm trees around it have fantastic autumn displays). Tonight we were inside for Moya Simpson's concert of her favourite songs and as a surprise, the CWA ladies provided supper.
22 July  - 30 July '04 - There's no bears in here, local counter intelligence, railway movements, rally tracks, doggedness and off to church for some holy variegated holly.
Holly berries Deck the halls with boughs of holly. "It must be Christmas, the holly is in berry. Or it should be Christmas in this out of sync hemisphere, where we're cheated out of the European traditions that accompany mid winter ..."
15 July  - 17 July '04 - Planting winter greens in the frost, a sad looking cockatoo, a fat looking possum and afternoon railway walks.
Helen Quirk cuts up a giant pumpkin After the ball. "Once you've grown the biggest pumpkin, what do you do with it? I asked Helen if she was going to feed it to the cows, but she said they didn't seem to like pumpkin but the sheep weren't as picky and pretty hungry so it's their turn".
Hay carter on his load Moving grass. "Hay Hay it's Saturday" the driver joked out the window as the truck stopped in front of us, swirling up dust. From worrying about the horses overeating around Christmas time, everyone is now feeding hay. If they can afford it."
Derek Jarman's Prospect Cottage Then Derek bought Penny a drink in Heaven. "I've felt a sympathy with Jarman "re-inventing himself as a gardener" as one reviewer wrote so I was pleased when an English friend sent me an email with his photographs of Jarman's Dungeness cottage."
Collector Pumpkin Festival The Collector Pumpkin Festival 2004 "It was after working in Italy and enjoying their regional festivals that Collector resident James McKay and his wife Kate, were moved to start the Pumpkin Festival. The whole town appears to have embraced the idea..."
Pomegranate seeds Artful in autumn "..the name pomegranate, refers to its many 'grains' or seeds. If you've ever eaten a handful of the seeds you'll appreciate the dilemma of whether, after eating the soft scented pulp, you should swallow the seeds or spit them out."
Bear Spotting "Just a couple at first, wired to branches high enough, and thin enough to think a ladder was involved. Joh who works with me at the agency and also lives in Bungendore, started to count. He reckoned on at least a dozen..."
2004 Multicultural Festival Food and Dance event
By the time we arrived just on dusk, some of the tents that were organised by the smaller ethnic communities had long sold out of food and were just a meeting place for an ongoing party."
Bungendore Country Muster 2004 Bungendore Country Muster weekend "The sexy bare shoulder glitter dress, the cowboy hat... it made me feel a bit sad but I'm sure she was having fun with no idea of how artificial it all was. (But her parents would have surely?)"
Entrant in the Garden Vegetables category Bungendore Show 2004 "Farmers, backyard gardeners, even frontyard gardeners have been vying for the recognition of their peers at country shows and fairs for a long, long time. "I can grow a bigger pumpkin than you can neighbour".
Summer grass and storm

Summer Grass  "It's dangerous driving with a photographer especially when the afternoon light turns yellow and slips across the long dry grass he's been meaning to stop and record for weeks."

Gang-Gangccockatoo Gang-gangs "make a distinctive noise in flight, described as an upward inflected 'creaking door' noise or the sound of a cork coming out of a bottle without the 'pop' at the end. Since I know that sound well..."
Currants Life is just a bowl of Allbran, you wake up every morning and it's there "There were not enough of the currants to do much more than eat them fresh, this is the first year they've cropped. I didn't care about eating them. I just spent some time taking photos..."
A Lastminute New Year's Eve  "the chimpanzees  know when something is happening on Sydney Harbour. As the ships start moving in, they climb to the highest vantage point so they don't miss the fun. I bet they were a bit pissed off this year as well."
Christmas 2003 "In my experience, clever food is not appreciated at Christmas. It makes the little ones cry and the old ones nervous."  Jane Grigson said. So, we tried not to be too clever, stuck to tradition and it went pretty well.
Bungendore Amateur Theatrical Society - 'Remember When' "This year, with a fair nod to Gilbert and Sullivan, the BATS production hit just the right note of silly fun, some local satire and pretty competent musical performance."
Bungendore Rodeo - 'Just Great Fun' "Sure it happens in a rarified and artificial environment but to me the horses still have the upper hand. Having been around a few wild horses (and thrown from some as well), what's displayed as entertainment here, is ..."
Curse you Mr. Paterson "As I write this, we've heard that in the last month, 26 horses in the ACT region have died from eating Paterson's Curse... flourishing due to the spring rains after a long drought and the bushfires..." But is the weed all bad?
Do you know where just one ingredient of your last meal came from? "When Joan Dye Gussow asks audiences of eaters that question they usually can't even guess the continent." Capitalism, Slow Food, the plight of Australian garlic growers and more...
Road(side) Rage "At the top of Smiths Gap, just fifty metres into the ACT, they cut down one of the best specimens of the 'native cherry' trees that grow along that road into town. And I can't understand it"
The Beery Hoggett Manifesto. Quote: "And was I the only person who, when a sign was put up describing Turallo Terrace as 'Garden Place' wanted to immediately buy a block there and fill it with rusting car bodies and savage dogs?" No! Go Beery!
You push the button, we'll do the rest"That was the Kodak promise for their first roll film camera ... 100 years later, the digital camera promise is "You push the button and you do the rest". I'm happy with that."
So many cheeses so little eating time. "The name Cambozola sounds a lot like Gorgonzola and that's about what we expected when we bought it. It's a modern, Bavarian made, cows milk cheese, popular in Europe and in the USA"
Hardenbergia in the mist. "It was named after Franziska, Countess von Hardenberg, who was the sister of Baron Carl AA von Hugel. Franziska was apparently a '19th century Australian patron of botany'. That's about all I can find on her, but..."
The 'egg' plant. "I've seen lots of different shapes for eggplants, mostly purple but some striped and pale yellow in colour... I'm surprised that I'd never thought about why they were called eggplant, when they look nothing like eggs". 
The big A. "All the local girls depend on these places for part time work (especially before they get their own cars and their range is wider). With two Bungendore daughters who work part time, there are lots of reasons to wish new businesses well."
Bungendore Tigers vs. Boomanulla Raiders. "The grass was green, but I felt each tackle. You could see that the bodies hit the ground hard, hard enough to raise dust. The drought has hardened the oval which usually has muddy patches by now." 
The view from Government House, Yarralumla, ACT. "..the recognition of your peers is a bit different to having the Government suggest the Queen gives you a medal for your work. Even if you are a Republican."
Signage of the times "I saw the display bucket of polystyrene chips and immediately suspected the marketing hand of Greg who has been advocating that all Bungendore signage becomes 'big' to capture the passing tourists.
Watching autumn. Still. "This year the autumn weather has been mild and still, with no wind. The apricot tree has left a small yellow saucer of leaves exactly the width of the foliage spread. The drip-line is a drop-line of yellow."
Scary restaurants and other eating places. 
"I went knowing what to expect, and wasn't disappointed. As the images tell, I was also acutely uncomfortable in the environment."
Potted history. "I had felt disappointed in my first visits to the National Museum, finding the displays a bit too pop and trivial but there's a nice aesthetic developing and I'm starting to like it a lot".
The first frost was due"So Jan picked the basil. We get a bit twitchy at this time of the year. One frost that we don't cover up for, and a lot of the vegetable garden is dead. The basil is particularly vulnerable." 
I just live here. "The best bit, other than having fun photographing, was the props cheese they bought from Silo - which we kept and ate on the weekend. A couple of regulars, the Quicks cheddar, some Pont L' Eveque and a new one, San Simon. 
This is not a review of Rockpool. "We stared through the window though. Then we headed for the considerably cheaper Sailors Thai Canteen, just up and across the road in The Rocks end of George Street Sydney." 
The Birds and Bees. "Have been eating our grapes.  Even with a bird net draped over them, silvereye's have been pecking a neat puncture in each. The process: birds peck and release the juice, bees lick it up. I get what's left."
Farewell Peter Webb MP. "Although I've never voted National Party I did think that Webb was a nice guy, smart and he worked hard for the area. I was lucky to meet him when I was taking the pictures for the NSW National Party website".
At summer's end, let's eat. "Columbus, when he was looking for his shortcut to the East Indies for spices, found America... and also the Caribbean islanders who were using hot capsicums for cooking". 
Breaking the drought "...the kangaroos that were coming down to graze by the road late at night haven't been seen. At least for the last few trips I've made home late. Which has meant fewer corpses and blood stained patches in the morning."
Passionfruit? "We stole them from the Incas originally it seems, I nicked these from a neighbour down the lane. At this time of the year there's a large passionfruit vine that crawls over the back of the old house and reaches across to the side fence."
I'm flying. " ...you are low enough to have the same scale as you do in those dreams we all seem to have of flying. Miniature people, scurrying cars and with all the detail of leaves on trees and swans on the lake." 
Taste 03 "The event starts on the Friday night with a Regional Producer's Wine and Food dinner, (this year held in a more intimate room at the Hyatt, last year was apparently a bit cold and unfriendly)... next day there's a grower's market..."
Polly want a cardoon? "This afternoon there were a pair of rosellas pulling apart the dried tops of the cardoons from a perch in the almond tree branches that overhang them. ... Suddenly it's autumn"
Forget the walnuts, pickle the onions. "Walnut shells I've learned, start growing inside the soft outer case from the end opposite to the stalk. So, if you are trying to see if they're soft and ok for pickling, you prick that end with a fork."
Sunday 9 Feb 2003 Red blood and white feathers. "I walked into the chook yard to scare off a single cocky from the walnut tree but it was already well scared. When I approached, it fell from its perch with the bird net wrapped around one leg, hanging upside down."
'Old' 2002-03 entries (in a longer, scroll down format)
19 January- 25 January '03 - If you scroll down to the bottom of this menu page, you'll see that this entry takes this diary up to a year of weekly entries, so it's time for a change of format. This week's entry covers angels in Bungendore, and some town street life, our Gunnadoo Bakery and Watsonia cheese. 
18 January '03 - Canberra burns. Bruce's story.
12 January  - 17 January '03 - Take a 'galah' at the Bungendore Motel, and a great old Ford ute, insects, plums seduce me, peach harvest, a rotten end, marigolds, apricot coddling, snails. It's picking time so bring a bucket. A neighbourly sign, and the smoky yellow days and nights from approaching fires make the valley anxious. 
1 January  - 11 January '03 - A New Year, vintage Bollinger, panforte, artichoke flowers vs. the bees, new business in town, the drought, feedstores, grapes, bark, a redback spider, onions and walnuts. Not all at once, in bits.  
26 December  - 30 December '02 - Berries and summer pudding, shelling and roasting hazelnuts for panforte, visiting Melbourne after Christmas (much less stressful than the usual Christmas rush),  Hills Hoists, Corellas, and the seeing the lovely anime, Spirited Away.
16 December  - 25 December '02 - Sunday cricket, artichokes, the (perceived) sexual characteristics of poppies, pomegranates, making glace cherries, giving a lift to Kevin and getting history in exchange, Christmas lunch at Bistro Moncur and redheads and Hungarian Tokaji Furmint wine, Christmas in town and tree's and dogs presents. Ok, it's time to have a break. Merry Christmas to you all.
3 November  - 15 December '02 - Sad Christmas decorations in Queanbeyan, smoke in the valley, a long report on the Extraordinary Council Meeting that decided the fate of the access road to Elmslea Estate (with pictures), sour cherry time means Greek conserve and jam. 
23 November  - 1 December '02 - Rain. Just a bit, but the wetness drew some photos. A trip to The Rocks for a Sydney Christmas Party,  cardoons, Milton's Christmas card list, eating artichokes and drying cherries.

8 November  - 22 November '02 - A bumper two week edition, garden bugs, climbing roses, oriental poppies, artichokes, new potatoes, broad beans, cherries, cherries, possums, smoke in the valley, some old film - discovering a new/old Harry Julius cartoon, grape blister mites, sex, boots and harlequin bugs. Flying dogs. All true and only slightly edited for your reading pleasure.
3 November  - 7 November '02 - The Walnuts Pt 127, a shaggy cap mushroom, Fowlers Vacola tips, composting, horse chestnuts and Kellie gets a surprise gift.
26 October  - 2 November '02 - I've called this More songs about buildings and food, and it is a travel diary of a week away in West Australia, Perth to Kalgoorlie to Esperance to Denmark to Margaret River. In 4 parts there's lots of Buildings and Food, and plants and...  
20 October  - 26 October '02 - Biscotti's our fruit and veg shop goes trendy, clematis, frogs and goldfish, some images of the Bungendore Markets, lots of free mulch and some local kids hang over the fence. 
13 October  - 20 October '02 - A blue wren and camouflage, frog spawn in the pond reeds, and while we sleep the sandman brings a dust storm.  There's the first spring asparagus and dead goldfish (Heron 1, fish 0). A possum portrait and clematis.
7 October  - 12 October '02 - Winds that topple and kill. A circus truck by the roadside, herons vs. goldfish, the attraction of wood framed houses (Weetalabah), walnut flowers and a plane crash.
1 October  - 6 October '02 - Quince flowers and what they mean symbolically (personally I just like 'em), tussocks, a young local knave in chain mail on a quest, and more on that weekend mecca the local tip. The Bungendore Bowling Club is open on Sunday - bring your esky.
23 September  - 30 September '02 - Cuban cars in Williamstown, the colour of dead wattle leaves, peach blossom, and L.A. Freeways in Sydney. Is it safe to feed possums Fruit Loops?
16 September  - 22 September '02 - Tallegio cheese (a favourite), a smoking wheelchair, a look at the new Elmslea Estate with some early morning images, and visits to the Bungendore tip becomes an observation on the number of gay female residents of the area.
12 September  - 15 September '02 - It's spring so there has to be more flower images. There is also World War II concrete bunkers, icicles and frozen raindrops, battered blossom, a birthday party in Melbourne and some country roads. Business as usual. 
5 September  - 7 September '02 - It's back to work full time and I photographed the visible relief to get out the office door at night. A prodigal daughter returns by surprise, it's suddenly spring, windy. I should apologise for a diatribe against pansies. (But I won't.) 
24 August  - 29 August '02 - Time to prune and spray the fruit trees, and a lesson on chipper/shredders. A recharge day in the sun. Sydney by train, a great meal at XO in Kings Cross, a night of culture at the lovely old Independent Theatre in Nth. Sydney, and a Frogmouth owl. 
18 August  - 24 August '02 - Elvis hasn't left the building, Shortis and Simpson and friends created a Presley tribute at the 'Harpbreak Hotel'. I'm reading the book, A Year of Slow Food, listening to Sydney electric pub music and ethnic acoustic street music. Returning home on a moon-lit night full of wildlife, I hit and killed a kangaroo. 
8 August  - 11 August '02 - Rabbits and hares on the Bungendore streets, and my rabbit trapping past. 'Fairlight', the family property of MP Peter Webb pleasantly discovered while doing some more Nats. photos, and Bungendore's Sunday morning bikers and the demographic.
29 July  - 4 August '02 - Photographing frost in my old man slippers, and discovering Buzacott & Co. gates and fences. Some Bungendore history - of Turallo Terrace, with some glowing foggy morning images of its buildings. A visit to Bermagui, Billy Connelly, friends at Bimbimbi B&B, the surreal climate and some fish on sticks. The usual stuff really.
21 July  - 27 July '02 - Frost crystals. Fallen berries, and the fallout of fallen nightclubs (the Moose in Civic). Tim Fischer's autograph on Dave's hat, excessive displays by hedonist magnolia's. Walking the dogs at sunset and some fiery light on Bungendore gums.
15 July  - 20 July '02 - More photographs than wordy observations this week (it's the same thing isn't it?) Frozen dog's toys, old lettered signs, and more foggy mornings and the trots in Goulburn. And a  request to readers for background to an old confectioners sign.
8 July  - 13 July '02 - Learning to drive, teaching my daughter and remembering my own times. Declaring the Metropolis anime a visual treat. The cockies bite off more cypress nuts then they can chew. Another hard frost provides some images, and a recipe for cold days, - corned beef in juniper berries and red wine vinegar.
24 June  - 6 July '02 - Re-roofing the shed, the old mantel clock tells the time, airlifted bread from Melbourne carried by a daughter , a breakdown at night and dried grass attracts me. A power line goes down and the possums go up.
18 June  - 23 June '02 - Broad Beans (you can call them Fava) and a soup recipe using them, Macco di Fave. Another roadsign moment, galahs at Winter Solstice, and the opening of another Bungendore business - My Country. The Osage tree hunt turns local and is fruitful (very), when I talk to Bungendore's 'Johnny Appleseed'.
13 June  - 17 June '02 - Horse floats and horses as 'real' vs. pets, Osage oranges and the Osage tree, visiting the Lynwood Café at Collector for a tasty lunch and local wine, trompe l'oeil effects in Fyshwick, Crested pigeons on a wire, and (I'm not sure why) my first dead kangaroo images and how I feel about them.
5 June  - 10 June '02  Revisiting the Arbutus, the Strawberry tree and we've decided to plant one. Otherwise this week seems to be a whinge about bad driving, the quirky publication Highway Evangelist and some thoughts dredged up by finishing Oliver Sacks chemical biography "Uncle Tungsten" 
30 May - 4 June '02 - More driving to work musings, accidents in the fog, and some magic realism in a 'messy season' as the elm drops it's leaves. It's also a time of Crabapples and winter berries in Bungendore, and the thermometer prompts some thoughts and images on being cold.
24 May - 28 May '02 - All day with the Dalai Lama roadshow- from Parliament House to ANU Mind Science Forum, meeting photographer Karin and there's video images of 'His Holiness'. The cottoneaster is in berries so there are parrots in the cottoneaster, a spectacular sun rise through fog, and we're roasting capsicums and using them in a pasta. 
18 May - 23 May '02 - We uncover the Spindle tree at the front gate and Wahoo! I'm delighted in it.  We get snowed in at Mt Buffalo attending Coral Bennett's 80th Birthday party and there's a little piece about why she's so important to us and Wandiligong. The Canberra visit of the Dalai Lama begins with a fleeting airport glimpse. 
9 May - 15 May '02 - Early morning observations from a speeding car, dust, deaths, dead-heads and going to hell. The home of our local CWA (Country Womens Association) crocheted in autumn clothes, the wattlebird and dancing naked men, the Lake Road to Lake George.
4 May - 8 May '02 - Garden produce and garden visitors. End of season for pomegranates, pumpkins, quinces, walnuts and grapes. We chase off a white faced heron and face up to a brown goshawk. Oh, and I photographed a stag in the continuing saga of the local wild deer.
25 April - 2 May '02 - Bungendore's Anzac Day is distinguished by a great local tradition, the Anzac Day pub crawl/march. There are lots of pictures of it this time. We went to a very Sydney wedding, and saw more of the local wild deer on the way home. I've also been traveling by train and photographing the Bungendore station.
13 April - 20 April '02 - Weereewa Festival time and we attended the Anthony Ackroyd, 'Fruit of my Lions' performance (and took photographs), the Silk Lake dance performance on Lake George flats (and took really nice photographs), there's a piece on the 'bio-box' and country movie theatres, and its raining pollen again in our back yard.
5 April - 12 April '02 - Big seed pods and Sydney sunsets, Parliament House, ANU, Tibetan Buddhists and the forthcoming visit by the Dalai Lama, and a father's role is to keep the family IT functioning.
29 March -4 April '02 - Mists and mellow fruitfulness, rage against the loss of next door trees, and the official launch of the Bungendore mail box project.
19 March -26 March '02  - Roadside memorials and trivial deaths, So that's what dawn looks like - 3 photos of morning light, geriatic indians and delivering sweet corn by wheelchair, Bungendore's sons and Bungendaughters - a lonely headlight in the dark, and teenage angst or rubber road rage - the tracks of their tears tyres.
6 March - 17 March '02  - Footy practice and why the town still lives, eating raw beetroot salad (thanks to Nigella and Stephanie), town dogs and why the Bungendore vet is a real vet (- down Max!), Toffeed baby apple tart with ginger - a case of reverse engineering.  
28 February - 4 March '02  - Landscape photographs, David Moore, Cézanne and his 'apples that astonished Paris' (and a very astonishingly bad junk mail form-letter), traffic light tomatoes and pink sauce, six guns, cowboys and war games... Bang got you! Dried pigmy condoms and semi dried tomatoes.
21-27 February '02  - Run... the apples are falling, mushrooms, plum sauces and dried apples, trying to capture crow magic, a long contemplation on the nature of Show Food, and the Australian Effects and Animation Festival. 
16-20 February '02  - Nectarines, Fowler's Vacola bottling, the Bungendore Village Pond (and some Frog audio), baby beetroot, Nigella Lawson (& Stephanie Alexander), burning saucepans, Shoot'n Ferals in a ute with V8 Grunt and Crow Cams, and the ballad of noisy neighbours.
10-14 February '02  - The terrorised life of a sign - about political roadside commentary, lost dogs, graffiti and bullet holes. Our backyard fish and frog pond, nectarines on the muesli and eating food in season, more evening primroses, Lake Bathurst church, and enjoying food and local wine at The Beetle Nutt cafe.
3-9 February '02  - The Zen of the long drive, grappling with not taking photographs, rain and more rain, the stick in the rain gauge, horse chestnuts, evening primroses and The Art Gallery Effect.
23 January -1 February '02  - Schizophrenic dogs, mystery walnut tree, Hazelnuts vs. Filberts, the Bungendore show (includes a Real Media Slideshow), shoveling horse shit, making Peach & Tomato Achar, boiling lemons for Apricot and Lemon Jam, the problem of finding time to preserve good food, the return of a daughter & Richmond Hill Cheese Room.
19-22 January '02  - Hazelnuts, drying apricots, neighbors, anti-bird nets, membrillo quince paste. Rain!, black shouldered kites, a road side ministry and flapping priests, peaches and the fresh food dilemma. 
Recipes/Food stuff
Membrillo - Quince Paste (21 January '02)
Apricot and Lemon jam (29 January '02)
Peach & Tomato Achar (31 January '02)
Shredded Beetroot Salad (7 March '02)
Toffeed baby apple tart with ginger (17 March '02)
Char grilling capsicums & using them in Spaghetti ai peperoncini verdi (no verdi? even 'rosso' peppers will do) (28 May '02)
Macco di Fave - bean soup and spaghetti (18 June '02)
Corned beef braised in juniper berries & red wine vinegar (July'02)

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