Saturday 22 March 2003

Above: The Bungendore polling booth was in the community/school hall this year, and Left, the roadside campaigning slowed the morning traffic as usual.
Farewell Peter Webb MP.

I'm writing this on Sunday, and the State election results point to Labor's Steve Whan being our new Member. It's always been a close race (at least for the last two elections I've been here for), and the Liberal preferences have tipped Peter Webb into first place. There's precious little vote in town for the Greens or Democrats and even less for One Nation (thank goodness). Although I've never voted National Country Party I did think that Webb was a nice guy, smart and he worked hard for the area. I was lucky to get to meet him when I was taking the pictures for Digital Mechanics when they were building the NSW National Party website. I got to travel around a bit, and spent a day with Webb (and I wrote about that in a diary entry here.)

Peter used a couple of the images of him at his family property 'Fairlight' (which was sadly right in the path of the Canberra fires), on his own website. (I didn't do the one of him kissing the fish though, maybe that's what did cost him the vote.) They've used my pictures on the NSW Nats website mostly as banners, but there are some small ones dotted through the text. 

In case you're interested I always vote for the Huntin' Shootin' Fishin' Drinkin' and Cussin' Party because they sound like the most fun. We don't do very well in elections because most of us are off shootin' up roadsigns or are too drunk to vote. But that's just part of the democratic freedom we enjoy and that we're fighting for in Iraq. I think. 

But I didn't get to vote on that.

See Peter Webb's inaugural speech in Parliament in Hansard here, where he talks about his family history, and if you want to see how hard working a member he was, all the speeches he made for issues in his electorate are here.
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