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  Friday 14 March 2003

A hail storm late Friday at the office, came with roof leaks and a short power break, so we shut the servers down, covered everything with plastic and hoped. I had to go in a few times and re-start them but I didn't blame the weather. More!
Breaking the drought

We've had good follow up rain a couple of times after the 40mm or so late last month. Two lots of 10mm or so have lifted the green tinge in the paddocks that was a weird mix of lime green and yellow dry grass. Now it's looking lush. It has meant that the kangaroos that were coming down to graze by the road late at night haven't been seen. At least for the last few trips I've made home recently after midnight. Which has meant fewer corpses and blood stained patches in the morning. The sheep will take a while to lose their bony look, but they'll fill out and there are some new small lambs in the paddock along the flat. 

We haven't had to water the garden as much, which has been a mixed blessing. I enjoy the evening checkup, walking around the yard even if it's in the twilight after coming home from work late. There will be mowing to do next weekend.

(Later note: The daily kangaroo-cull-by-car soon returned as the rainfall wasn't sustained. It seems as if the ACT is in for more restrictions because the falls are so patchy and not in the catchments. The storms have actually added to the problem by washing bushfire ash into the dams, spoiling the falling levels that were there.)

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