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  Sunday 24 March 2003
Taste 03 23-24 March 2003
Canberra's top food event.
Taste 03

This was the first Canberra Taste event that I'd been to. Even though I've tried, it seemed like for the previous two there were other distractions on the day or reasons like I wasn't in town. The event is a mix of foodie and arts/music and this year the food (apparently) had risen to major importance.

The event starts on the Friday night with a Regional Producer's Wine and Food dinner, this year held in a more intimate room at the Hyatt, (last year the venue was apparently a bit cold and unfriendly). That's the Hyatt pastry chef and staff above, top right is the entrée of Poachers Pantry smoked duck breast, and the great banners that give the event a Rennaisance market feel. That's on the Saturday, held in Commonwealth Park overlooking the lake, where there's a grower's market, lectures, cooking demonstrations and lots of music events, ending with concerts and the fireworks at night. 

I did a photo series of the food part, for Canberra Arts Marketing (Elizabeth Rogers and a tiny staff organize most of the Taste of the Arts events and co-ordinate the Food side for Sylvia McCoy the Taste manager), and it's up on their site www.canberraarts.com.au at the pages here

(I've expanded that coverage now at the Regional Food website)

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