A personal diary about life in a country town, Bungendore NSW Australia

  Saturday 3 May 2003

The apricot at home, the oak trees (pin oaks I think) in Howitt St. in Kingston leave their mark, there are spindle berries out again.
Watching autumn. Still. 

Last year autumn was mixed with high wind and the trees were shredded of their foliage within a week. This year the weather has been mild and still as the image above of the small apricot tree in the back yard shows. A small yellow saucer of leaves exactly the width of the foliage spread. The drip line is a drop line of yellow. Elsewhere it's not as obvious, there are leaves everywhere but while the grass has been growing in the milder weather (we have only had one heavy frost so far, very unusual), so I've been mowing. That means the grass catcher picks up the ones from the back lawn where the big deciduous trees are. Very neat.

Autumn is my time. I have the most energy and always make my changes in these cooler months. This autumn has coincided with a really heavy work time, late nights, no free weekends, staring at monitors and in meetings. It has meant that I've had to watch autumn unfolding (disrobing ?) around me in snatched minutes in the morning and flashing past the car between meetings.

I should learn to sit still.

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