A personal diary about life in a country town, Bungendore NSW Australia

  Tuesday 13 May 2003

Blinky Bill's Takeaway is now Krackers Cafe, no apostrophe but 'Open for Breky'.
Signage of the times 

I saw the bucket of polystyrene fake chips in the back yard of the garage for a couple of days and swear that the label said 'Greasy Chips'. Not sure of the marketing advantage of that promise I was relieved to see when it was erected that the message was more conventional.  I immediately suspected the marketing hand of Greg who has been advocating that all Bungendore signage becomes 'big' to capture the passing tourists. Greg is making over the Bungendore Budget Motel that I documented in a past entry here

While I'm an "Another Roadside Attraction' fan and have mentioned the websites that document 'big things' in roadside signage in Australia and in the USA before, I'm anxious about a streetscape that goes Pop Art in a town that attracts people for its heritage features. Or is that just me, living in an 1880's house?

Blinky Bill's has given way to Krackers Cafe and it looks like they're staying open a bit later (if you didn't have your order in before 6.45pm at Blinky's, forget it! It shut up like the Supermarket at 7.00pm). It may mean that those of us who work in Canberra and come home later, just might score fish and chips on a cold winter's night. That's progress.

The 'Big Guitar' that Greg Nye put up in front of the Bungendore Motel for the Bungendore Country Muster this year. It was a favourite photo prop all weekend.
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