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30 July '04
The poster that started the scandalSt Phillips Church Bungendore 8.00pm St. Phillips Church Bungendore 8.00pm on a cold Friday night.

After taking this 10 sec. long exposure (if you click for the larger image you can even see the stars in the sky) I hurried inside the very cosy church.
Click for larger versions of both these.
I've only ever peeped inside of St. Phillips , the local Church of England. I've photographed its exterior lots of times (the big elm trees around it have fantastic autumn displays). Tonight we were attending the first night of Moya Simpson's concert of her favourite songs 'I've got my standards', on the Saturday night she was performing at the Southern Cross Club in Canberra so this was the 'out of town preview'.  I've photographed Bungendore locals John Shortis' and Moya's performances for some time now, and swapped the resulting photos and video for a regular invite to the next one for Jan and I. There's a few reports of them in the archive (like the Elvis anniversary concert at the Harp Inn). Their satirical political revues are a regular feature in the area and not to be missed.

John has received an Arts Council grant for research and he is also working on a TV program concept, so Moya decided to enlist the help of Peter J. Casey a Sydney cabaret artist, to put together a show of the songs she likes to sing. Moya asked if I'd do a poster and suggested the 'Simpson dumps Shortis' angle and I took it from there. I printed some flyers and bigger posters and Stan at the Woodworks organised the publicity and tickets. We thought everyone would understand the joke but Moya said she apparently had a few people ask anxiously if she was ok, and John said people crossed the road to avoid him. (In the show Moya said she had people leave a few casserole's at their door.)

Whatever the attraction was, there was a good crowd filling the pews at St. Phillips as Moya lead us through her days as a teacher in an underprivileged English school, her late discovery at 35 that she could sing, and songs that her parents had liked. There was a running joke of a 'World Music alert' (Moya leads two World Music choirs in Canberra. I've mentioned that Jan sings in the one called 'Worldly Goods') and John looked on proudly from the side and was enlisted to play and sing later.


At interval John announced that they'd asked if the local CWA ladies would like to 'do supper' as a fund raiser. The CWA building is opposite the church, so we all crossed the road for tea and scones. There was an option to also walk a few more paces to the Royal Hotel if you preferred a beer, as some did. John then rounded everyone up, and bidding goodbye to Her Majesty, we went back to the warm church for more entertainment. 

(I photographed the CWA meeting rooms in
autumn 2002, but they've since chopped down the row of beautiful poplars beside it, click for popup window of images)
Thank you Moya (and Peter) for a great evening. Thanks St. Phillips and the Bungendore CWA for contributing to the town life I've grown to enjoy so much.
Fred Harden    
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