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What I did in February '05

Venice! Yes, that's why I haven't updated this diary. I've been travelling!

Good try? No? Yes, I have been driving a lot but mostly to and from Sydney I'm sad to say, where this gondola is used as a water taxi.

The wide shot gives it away, that's the Anzac bridge in Glebe. That's the view out the back of Mark's flat which is our Sydney office.

At summer's end however, there's some wonderful driving times. Still daylight saving, long evening light. This is just out of Goulburn on the Bungendore-Tarago road.

Flame grapes. I bought them because they look good. It's February and we're only just getting good grapes in the shops. They tease us with them from early December but don't be tempted. They're never any good until much later. Pretty though.


King Island
These 2kg tubs of King Island yoghurt cost $9 on the Island. And that's where we were. I can't tell you just yet but it's to do with Regional Food magazine.  So, I've been travelling to King Island as well.
And to Melbourne. Three times.

Royal Hotel official opening
Jan and I were invited to the opening of the new bar and Harvest restaurant at the Royal Hotel. Everyone was there as you can see.
We tried to get into the restaurant on a Sunday night but it was booked and packed out. Good sign.
The state of the pumpkin at the  beginning of February. Basketball size. I don't think I'm going to win.
Here's one of the residents from the 'other side of the tracks' taking his dog for a walk on his motorised scooter. There must be money over the railway lane in Bungendore East. I've never been really aware of the line as a demographic split, do they think of themselves as different to us inner townies?
Pretty miserable diary entries. Sorry.
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