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What I did in March '05

When you travel the Hume Highway as many times as I did this month, you collect a lot of locusts.




And you see Holbrook a lot. Coffee and a bun at the Holbrook Bakery seem obligatory both ways. I'll spend some time there someday. I need to photograph those old buildings before they change too much.

When I was growing up in Walwa we looked at Holbrook as 'the big smoke' especially for shopping. It was busy then, with lots of merchants. We went to Albury for things like dentists and opticians.

Daughter Aurore has started her photography course at RMIT and she seems pretty happy about it. We saddled her with a few dud cameras at first, but we've sorted that out.

This happy group is a Regional Food lunch meeting at the Lynwood Cafe. Just to show it's not all me travelling to Sydney.

It's time to net the grapes in the vineyards around here. A long warm summer after some good rain should make for an great harvest.

That's the pumpkin on the 27 March. You can see it now from the back door, a large orange blob through the trees. It weighs 35 kg.

Flying spiders? A big golden orb spider who lived in our front garden for a week. It used to freak Kate out when she walked through the very tough web when she parked her car on the lawn at night. 


Even more miserable diary entries again. But this month I went to King Island again and took lots of photographs I'm really proud of. I'll show them to you, the Regional Food magazine is due to launch in July, and I'm so busy. I'm having fun though. Sorry I can't share it just yet.
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