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23 September '05
The corner on the road to Captains Flat that crosses the old railway line ( just before the Hyles and the new Miltary base) I read is being removed or straightened (I think it's this bend). The wattles as you go around that corner are great at this time of year and they were just starting to look a bit daggy as I took this. I don't suppose anyone will plant them on the new stretch.
Just before the corner is a small pine plantation. The dried clippings from the plantation had formed a red carpet, and the light was right...
18 September '05
It's planning time again for the Pumpkin Festival in Collector. A good attendance, and the committee for next May 7 Festival was selected. This was a Pumpkin Festival AGM meeting held sitting in the sun, because there had been a wedding dinner the night before, and the hall smelt of a wedding party and was being cleaned.
The little park next to the Hall is named after the Poidevin family who also owned the house that is now the Lynwood Cafe. That  story is in the next issue of Regional Food, told by Robbie Howard.
The blossoms where being swept from the doorstep of the Cafe as I drove past.
17 September '05
It's not a rare breed, it's just that it got a muddy nose and knees when it was put onto the truck. I was at Nelson Quinn's covering the olive story for the next magazine and he was selling a few sheep.
All that rain has meant that the grass has grown. All over Bungendore is the sound of mowing.
I went to the petrol station to get some fuel to mix for my mower. There were three other people putting fuel in cans and a motor bike. No cars, just 5 litre tins being filled. It felt third world.
This old Holden is being sold by the guys at the carwash and I've admired it as I've walked past a few times.
As well as the noise of motor mowers,the town is filled with trees in blossom. Walking when the sun is out means there is one scented bomb after another lobbed at you. I defy you not to smile.
15 September 05
Looking west, back along the road from where daughter Kate is agisting her horse. I offered to photograph the horse for an ad in Horse Deals, a publication we see in spurts as she buys, sells or just feels like changing. At this point she's selling.
The property is off the Bungendore to Captain's Flat road and it lets her ride freely. However she's still training him and misses the arena she had at Hall.
"How do they look?" she asked. Nice I said, stepping through them onscreen for her. "Nah, they're crap can't use those" she said, "he's not together."


Looks like a nice horse to me.

10 September '05
Now I'm fairly observant but I must have parked outside the Queanbeyan Masonic Hall a dozen times during the day and never realised how attractive it was. I was doing some photo research at the Library and came out into the dusk and there it was standing alone and glowing in the late light. I scurried back to my car for the camera.
It reminded me of driving back from Brindabella Winery a few weeks back, about the same time at night, when I saw this church. I couldn't work out what orthodox denomination it was from it's sign. I'll look closer next time.
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