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30  January '06
There was a named photograph of the Jewel Spider in the photography section at the show (thank you unknown photograph exhibitor), which lead me Google and to the University of Southern Queensland's Find-a-spider guide. Designed to show tropical spiders, there are some common Australia wide ones, but you'll need to click through the pages if you don't know your spider taxonomy or a common name. (Tip: start looking by location).

I've been trying to get a good close-up of the jewel spider outside our back door for days.

Did you know that Huntsman spiders have eight eyes?
29  January '06
Bungendore Show Day, and I went early and left early to miss the heat. That meant I also missed missed the crowning (sashing?) of Miss Bungendore Show for 2006 - damn. I like the show girls (see past show days coverage in the Diary archive). The Bungendore Show now has its own website, put together by locals and you can see the 2005 stories assembled by John Mitchell who edits the Bungendore Mirror, and Janet Reeves the Publicity Officer. I'm sure they'll add some 2006 material soon. Keep an eye on it.
For my personal view, I decided to just make this year's photographs in a standard (for this Diary) long, scroll down format. I hope your modems can handle it.
Everyone wears a hat. Some look better in then than others
Big brothers look after you, even when you don't want them to.
There was the usual big turnout for the horse events (except strangely for the western sections which were short of entrants this year).
And lots of pony club kids. Cute.
With their mums there to help. Mums always help.
Those black helmets get very hot when you're waiting in the sun.
Country faces outside the pavillion.
Inside, the fruit and vegetable section was (and is always) popular.
I liked these nicely presented onions with their tops plaited over and tucked in.
Avril Kimberlee provided another great backdrop. (See her last year's one in the diary here)

The preserves section was again full of winning entries from men, Roger Bourke from Araluen made another clean sweep.

The decorated cake section had some recognisable objects, like this gorilla (just kidding).
The biggest number of entries this time seemed to be in the photography section. Different ages and creative qualities of course, but all appallingly presented on these panels with no room to get more than one person between, and facing in one direction. I did some sideways shuffles.

There were some great butterfly images from Marcel Judd-Brettingham (who used to run Marcel's Riding School where our daughter Kate worked as 'junior staff' and kept her horse Milo for a while. Marcel and his daughter also delivered the Bungendore mail for a period recently. He'd bring the Regional Food parcels to the door, and we'd joke here's 'Marcel with a Parcel'.)  His photographs are lovely.
This photographic entry I just had to record off the wall. Talk about sins of the father being passed to the sons.

Dad is lying with his tongue out, eyes rolled back. Number 2 son rests his foot on the body, and Number 1 son has all the body language of a redneck hunter proud of the kill. The print has scuff marks across it which makes it look like actuality. I know it's meant to be fun but it scared me a bit. I hope it does to you.

Avril Kimberlee made the centre piece this year, 'a home amongst the gum trees.. a sheep or two and a kangaroo. The Kangaroo with it's tongue flapping and a tinny in hand was in a rocking chair.
Stewards. Thanks to them too.
The winning Fleece of the Show, and a fine wool cardigan that I think was there to say that's what it will make someday.
A new exhibitor, a wine club, Wine by Choice
There were the regular long food queues in the CWA kitchen
Gary Miller of Nita's Snacks is a local who does all the Southern Highland Shows.
He then escapes from the Bungendore winter by doing shows in Queensland and up to Darwin.

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