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February '06
What strange ritual is this? 'Mature aged' people in western hats standing mid-morning facing towards the west.
It's Country Muster time again in Bungendore and there's a few new venues for the buskers on the Saturday morning. Like Bardy's Cafe, where Slim is singing in the shadow of the verandah.
A young future performer or just a fan?
Felicity Green was a new face (at least to me). I looked for more about her on the web but couldn't find her.
John, like a lot of others around town on that sunny Saturday after rain, had to mow. We said hello and headed up the 'back road' to Goulburn and Sydney. We were meeting Mark for lunch.
We did a lastminute.com surprise booking and got a modern hotel that was marked down because they were renovating. That was ok by us. Right in the heart of town, it was just a stroll to meet Jan's friend Jane on the Sunday.
Although we knew it was Chinese New year, we hadn't realized that this was the last weekend of the celebrations.
These young girls looked lovely as the stepped from the lift at the Marigold.
And these flashed past later in the street in traditional costumes, perched on the back of a utility.
There were noisy fireworks of course to scare of the bad spirits for another year. I hope it works.

We stayed for a bit and then headed back to home Bungendore.
Where three hours later, it was calm, quiet and green. And this feather was floating in space, almost ethereally on a cobweb.
March 06
These next two images were from John Shortis (and Moya Simpson's) HOM, the Hall of Memory performance that John wrote and they performed at the War Memorial in Canberra. Jan has been singing with the Worldly Goods choir and they combined with the Can Belto for performances.
It's a stunning location, full of echoes, overlapping bounces off walls. The sound track on the video I took is almost unlistenable with its stereo mic.  Cellist Charlotte Winslade found she had to play slower so that there was some clarity. John and Moya's website has some details.
We've had a great crop of apples. Even after the cockatoos and possoms we got a few. I made a few dried batches, but we've had stewed apples on the breakfast cereal for a couple of weeks.
Peter Garret is the 'patron' of the Werriwa Arts Festival. These pictures are from the formal launch at the Canberra Gallery.
There were some dance pieces and lots of speeches. We're launched. I donated a website to the festival and some time to get it up, I hope it's ok.
There's some more photos on the website.

(I think I'll do a video for the Film Festival if I get time)


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