Beetroot salad with coriander, mint and Greek yoghurt 

In her book How to Eat, Nigella Lawson quotes Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion as the source of this recipe and says how eating beetroot raw was a revelation and that it had none of the earthy taste she disliked about cooked beetroot. As a person used to boiling baby beets and even baking some, I'm not sure I can agree but she's right about how great this is.

I haven't tried Stephanie's recipe, but this  disappeared off the plate when served as a summer salad lunch with cold meat. Nigella says she serves it with roast poussin, and I can imagine it would be great with a roast chicken or even duck. The astringency of the lemon juice would make it a great partner for any fatty roast. 


About two good handfuls of coriander and mint (we filled the blender bowl, lightly packed)

Two large or four small beetroot (just make sure they're not soft or dry, ours were from the garden)

Juice of one lemon

Small tub of Greek yogurt.

Chop the coriander and mint in a blender or fine chop by hand. Wash and peel the beetroot (use gloves, beetroot juice stains). You could grate the beetroot by hand but the grating disk in the blender does an ok job with a just few large lumps to remove. 

Put the shredded mass into a bowl with the herbs and toss through with the lemon juice. Arrange the beetroot in a circle on the plate (squares, triangles are all allowed) and spoon the tub of yogurt into the middle.

The mix is quite juicy and drips when you serve it, so I've learned to drain it a bit before arranging on the plate. I can taste it now.

Sources. Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion via Nigella Lawson's How to Eat
From Another Country Diary. Photographs Fred Harden 2002, 2003, 2004

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