Jan’s blogs


The Australian Food History Timeline website is a blog of sorts. But its format imposed restrictions. For a start, all the entries had to be about Australian food history. Well, duh!

But there are often other things I feel like writing about (like the downside of uplifting underwear, for example). And even if a topic is food-related, it doesn’t always fit the timeline format. So it made sense to transition the Me and My Big Mouth website into a general blog and writing site.

Many of the entries are still about food. But now I can add stories about whatever takes my fancy. And reprise a few older items that have never made it onto the web. They include pieces from my short-lived role as a columnist and feature writer for Regional Food magazine,

So you’ll find stories of domestic challenges. Travel. Excerpts from my books. Hopefully an expanding collection of poems, short fiction and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. Because there’s more to life than food. I guess.