As well as my own writing on the web and elsewhere, I'm available for commercial work including web, brochures, reports, books, manuals - anything that requires making the complex readable and interesting.
─ Jan O'Connell

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Centenary of Federation Posters
We've been working for years with Shortis and Simpson.
Documentary, commercial web video
Some stuff that goes way back to when the web was coded in notepad
This has been a labour of love for a friend, we did the logo and titles
And we love Wordpress
From web to full HD broadcast, we've got it
Things we do for money
Creative writing of all kinds
something here
Digital Photography, lots of it. Have a look.
Digital Photography, lots of it. Have a look at the various folios
Event Management - we started and ran the Canberra Region Truffle Festival - you can't stop it now!
This was our first co-production, a glossy print magazine