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Fred’s  archive

It never goes away until you delete it, and the longer you leave it, the more relevant it gets. I said that.

Hidden behind this WordPress site is an archive of HTML websites that are infected with link rot but probably worth restoring ‘for history’s sake’ . And things like the Internet archive have to have somewhere to pull images from for their archive ‘for history’s sake’.

Yeah that’s me at left.  Here are some selected bits of writing and videos that I like ( to save you having to trawl through years of stuff).

There’s a formal CV here (as an informal person it’s vaguely unsatisfying. Where are the links, the pictures, the video. Roar of the greasepaint?). I’ve finished with the idea of a ‘portfolio’, usually a way to get more work. Now I’m more intent on leaving some footprints behind.


Writing that you can read on the web isn’t suited to long form pieces so there’s a PDF or two in this list.




Have a look at my YouTube channel or watch a couple of these to get an idea of quality, audio etc. They’re all one-man band shoots, working with Canon 5DMkIII and 7D, radio microphones.

They’re all short, around 5mins Watch them full screen! HD if you can.

This is part of our Growing the Growers project. The trailer for that is here (13mins)

And I made this for a Conference for Dairy Australia


Please have a look at the rest of the Thinktag site for more information about my work.


Fred Harden